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Let's Talk Net Metering

Let's talk net metering.

If the term net metering is foreign to you, you're not alone.

Although it's one of the most vital aspects of solar benefits, it's one that is frequently misunderstood. We hope that we can help clear up any misconceptions you may have, and also help you understand the important role this program plays in helping you really feel the benefit of your solar.

Net Meteringverb

net·met·er·ing          (nɛt ˈmēdəriNG)

1. The program through which your utility purchases excess solar energy in the form of credits.

2. The best thing to happen to your utility bill.

Let's start by reviewing how panels work

Unless you are fully off-grid with a battery and a generator, your system is interconnected to your utility grid.Each day, as your solar produces energy, your home immediately uses that energy. After the sun sets, anything surplus energy is sent to your utility company.At night, while your panels are not producing, your home will pull energy from the utility grid. Your utility company will buy your excess energy with credits you can put towards your utility bill.

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