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We are a residential solar company with a focus on an unmatched customer experience. We believe solar power is about usability and accessibility. Access to speed, efficiency, quality, and care is our top priority.

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As we continue to scale, we don’t lose sight of what’s most important — people. Kin Home is a company that was built by individuals who know how to provide an unparalleled experience. It’s a workplace where coworkers become friends. Every day we care for our customers to ensure they have an unmatched customer experience. Care is at the heart of our business, and it’s this distinct guest experience that makes Kin Home of the world’s best solar solutions. We've set out on a mission, and that mission is to leave an impact.

Impact demonstrates the immeasurable power of our shared values and collective effort to effect positive, ground-breaking change and deliver excellence for our customers.

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We pride ourselves in not only having a unmatched customer experience, but also an unmatched employee experience. This approach has allowed us to acquire some of the best top tier talent the industry has to offer.

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Some questions & some answers

Do I need to replace my roof in order to get solar?

One of the most important steps included in our process is to have one of our professionals come to your home to perform an inspection to assess the suitability of your roof to support solar panels. If repair or replacement is recommended, we can usually include that cost in the solar financing.

What happens if I sell my house or move?

Studies show that homes with owned solar panels are selling for 4% more than those without. Whether or not an appraiser factors in that additional value or not, there is much to be said about the desirability factor that a home with solar presents to the marketplace.

How long will my solar system last?

A typical solar system has a useful lifespan of 25 to 30 years, depending on the local environment and the durability of the system. After this time period, your solar panels will continue to generate electricity but at a lower efficiency.

What kind of maintenance does my solar system require?

Solar systems are virtually maintenance-free, thanks to the fact that there are no moving parts in the entire system

What happens in a hurricane?

Especially if you live on the Gulf Coast, you might be used to hurricanes and the damage they can cause and you might think your solar panels cant withstand the damage from a hurricane. Fortunately solar panels are typically tested to ensure they can and will withstand a hurricane. Most solar panels are made to survive winds up to 2,400 pascals which equals 140 miles per hour. A major 4 hurricane the typical wind speed is 130 miles per hour.  So your solar panels can be the least of your worries during a large storm.

Is solar bad for my roof? Leaks?

Solar panels don’t damage your roof when installed properlyJust like any home improvement project, using the right service provider is essential to a rooftop solar job. For most homeowners, installing solar panels will not result in roof damage as long as your solar installer is a licensed, qualified professional and your roof is in good condition. If you hear of roof damage occurring because of a solar installation, it’s likely because the roof was initially in poor condition.